What is the Senior Picture Rep Program?


The Senior Picture Rep program offers Kentucky seniors the ultimate senior experience while capturing them at their best. Rather than being confined to just one senior session, the graduates will have access to all of our themed mini sessions and exclusive destinations at a deeply discounted price.  Our previous models have had opportunities to travel to St. Louis, New Albany, the Kentucky State Fair, and Louisville. Past themed sessions have included Winter Wonderland, the KY state fair, Vintage Days, Underwater, Cap & Gown, and so much more.  This year, we are offering brand new sessions to make this year totally unique to you.  Please fill out this quick form and we will be with you shortly to give you access to your ultimate senior experience. 

Dates to know:

January 5th- March 15th- First Round Applications.  Applicants will receive priority session options and consideration, so get in this group!

March 20th @ 6:00 p.m. (tentative) - Senior Rep meeting. Get more details about the program at this group meeting! Location to be determined.

April 14th- Senior Headshot Sessions at the studio.